Thursday, 7 June 2012


 I am done with all the articles about London, we've had enough haven't we? ;)
Here was my last inspiration: DAISIES!!! :D I really like anything that happens to be in the garden and at the moment, I am enjoying quite a lot any view that offers good light.

I have especially enjoyed the fresh effect given by the alternation of shadow and bright sun light. It feels so pure...

PS: Guys, I wanted to say something.

I haven't started this blog long ago.
I don't have that many visits, which is fine. But on the statistic part of the blog, I can see from which countries people are visiting, and I must say it feels completly thrilling to see people visiting from Malaysia, Australia, Russia. You are not a lot from there, maybe 1 person in each of these countries, so I wanted to say hello to you girls (I assume you are girls!). ;)
And thanks a lot for coming on my blog. :)

Opaline. xxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

black and white London

Here is the last article about my little trip to London. This was the first time I went to London (I mean properly visit it) and it turned out to be just stunning. For some reason I did not expect it to be so lovely. But it was! Anyway, I wish a good week to all of you and a lot of courage for all those who have all kind of tasks to accomplish - such as revising for exams! Good luck to everybody!

Opaline  xxx